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Frequently Asked Questions

What time commitments do PhiDE members have?
PhiDE members should anticipate approximately 3-4 hours per week. The time commitments for new and established members are very similar. These hours include our biweekly chapter meetings, fundraising and professional events, as well as social activities. Aside from certain mandatory meetings and events, PhiDE is what you make of it, and you can put more or less time into it as you see fit. 
What leadership opportunities are there within PhiDE?
All members of PhiDE become members of one of our four committees: Advertising & Outreach, Finance, Programming and Recruitment. Students have the opportunity to engage in their committee and take ownership of its events and initiatives. Any member of PhiDE, including new members, can run for a chair position within their committee. Established members can run for executive positions.
What year do I have to be to rush?
We accept freshman, sophomore, and first-semester junior applicants. We like for our fraternity to feel like a family, so we try to maximize the time our members spend with us. 
Do I have to be a science major to rush?
Nope! Our members pursue a wide variety of majors and minors on their journey toward medical school. Although our students all share the same goal of becoming physicians, we encourage them to maintain an open mind to hold a more holistic view of healthcare and medicine.
What if I don't have a GPA at UofM yet?
No worries! If you are a first-semester freshman, we will review your high school transcript. If you are a transfer student, we'll review your transcript from the other institution. When we review transcripts, we evaluate both your general academic and scientific abilities, so as long as that information is in your school's transcript, we will be more than happy to accept them.
Can I rush more than once?
Absolutely! Each semester we receive over 100 applications, which means we have to turn away numerous well-qualified students. We are always eager to offer students another opportunity to rush, and will give advice regarding the reason for their initial rejection upon request. Several of our members have rushed two, even three times, so we hope that students will continue to consider reapplying.
Can I rush if I'm a transfer student?
Yes, you can! If you were in a PhiDE chapter at your previous school, then you will be admitted into PhiDE at UofM without needing to rush. If this is the case, please contact Other transfer students will need to take part in our rush cycle.
If I'm pre-health but not pre-med can I still rush PhiDE?
PhiDE only accepts pre-medical applicants, meaning you must intend to pursue an MD or DO degree. If you want to pursue a different medical career, we encourage you to check out some of the awesome pre-health professional fraternities at Michigan.
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