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About PhiDe

We are Phamily

Who is PhiDE?

All of our members are united by one common goal: becoming a medical doctor. Nevertheless, PhiDE draws from a variety of backgrounds that makes each of our members unique. In our fraternity, you will find members from all over the country, representing a number of different cultures. Beyond demographical differences, our members come from diverse educational backgrounds, including Business, Engineering, Kinesiology, and LSA. While our end goal may be the same, our members take various routes to medical school. In fact, many of our brothers and sisters elect to take gap years to pursue their individual passions on their path to becoming physicians. Recognizing the range of our members' professional goals, we offer a wide breadth of programs, including cultural events, chapter meeting speakers, and service opportunities.
  • Biomolecular Sciences

  • Biophysics

  • Business Administration

  • Cellular & Molecular Biology

  • English

  • Gender & Health

  • Greek

  • Biochemistry

Majors & Minors

  • Latin

  • Biomedical Engineering

  • Medical Anthropology

  • Neuroscience

  • Religion

  • Spanish

  • Public Health

  • Biology, Health, and Society

  • ...and many more!

What is PhiDE?

In PhiDE, we host a mix of social, philanthropic, and professional events. Here are a few of the many ones that our members get super excited about!


  • Children's Miracle Network Fundraising

  • Stand For the Kids

  • Benefit Concert

  • Tutoring

  • Med Day


  • MCAT & Medical School Admissions Workshops

  • Mock Medical School Interview Workshops

  • Doctor Dinner & Medical Student Brunch

  • And so much more

Social Events

  • Cider Mill Trips

  • Barn Dance

  • Formal

  • Game Days

  • Ice Skating

  • Camping Trip

What are PhiDE members involved in?

In preparation for our rigorous careers as future physicians, our members push the limits of academic and extracurricular achievement. We encourage our brothers and sisters to pursue their passions, and many have founded and led other organizations on campus and beyond. Despite our relatively short time at Michigan, our graduates have matriculated into some of our nation's top medical schools, including those shown below.
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