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Member spotlights


Emma Hatija

Sigma Class

Emma is a junior studying neuroscience on the pre-med track. She enjoys working as a CNA where she assists patients with dementia and as a personal trainer where she helps promote wellness. She is interested in the interactions of the brain circuit during awareness and works in a research lab that allows her to study this further. 


Sophie Raphael

Tau Class

Sophie is a junior studying biomolecular science with a minor in the sociology of health and medicine. Sophie works as an EMT during the summers and does clinical research focused on improving cardiac arrest training and outcomes using virtual reality. In the future, she hopes to focus on improving access to primary care. Outside of school, Sophie spends her free time at animal shelters playing with puppies (pit bulls are her favorite) and swimming in Lake Michigan. 


Nikhil Mantena

Pi Class

Nikhil is a senior majoring in biomedical engineering with a minor in business. Outside of PhiDE, he is involved with Nexecon consulting, his startup Tech Buddies, and research at the Center of Surgical Innovation. In his free time, he loves swimming, photography, and traveling.


Lars Andersland

Pi Class

Lars is a senior studying environmental engineering from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He’s VP of Finance at Blueprints for Pangaea, a singer in the Men’s Glee Club, and training to become an EMT. Around campus, he enjoys running along the Huron, playing soccer at Elbel, and chilling with friends. 


Aditi Vijendra

Omicron Class

Aditi Vijendra is a senior from Sylvania, Ohio majoring in Public Policy and minoring in Biology. Outside of PhiDE, she volunteers as a doula and works in an immunology lab at Michigan Medicine. In her free time, she loves being active and cooking with her friends.

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